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Terms of Service

By commissioning me you are agreeing to and acknowledging my terms of service.

Failure to observe these terms can result in immediate termination of the of the commission and refunding at any time.

These rules are subject to moderate change at any time as need dictates.

A more in depth write up can be seen here


  • I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason at any time

  • I can issue a refund and cancel the commission at any time if I no longer feel comfortable working with the client or on the commission in general anymore

  • I retain all rights to any artwork I create digitally or traditionally. This means I retain the right to use it as needed for portfolios, websites, examples, merchandise, prints, etc.

  • By commissioning me you are affirming to be 18 years of age or older! (i.e. appropriate age to conduct business, especially concerning anything NSFW)

  • It is your duty as the commissioner to inform me in advance if you do not want your commission posted publicly or if you want to remain anonymous.

  • The commissioner will receive a digital hi-res and lo-res version of their commission. No prints, etc. will be mailed unless otherwise specified in advance.

    • For traditional work the final piece will either be mailed or an agreed upon pickup at a convention will be set in place.​

  • As the commissioner you are able to post/host the commissioned work in your gallery/site as long as credit and/or links to my site are provided.

  • As the commissioner you are able to alter and/or color your commission as you like as long as appropriate credit is provided.

  • As the commissioner you agree to not sell/reproduce/distribute/take credit for the work done without explicit written consent from me.

  • Commissions are to be for personal use only. If you are in need of work for commercial purposes please let me know in advance so that I can give you an appropriate quote.

*If you are unsure if your idea is acceptable just send me a message and I'm happy to talk it out

Things I will not draw

Topics\ideas that I have no interest in drawing at all. ~

  • Diapers in use (scat/urine)

  • Water sports/Scat/Vomit/Flatulence

  • Realistic Gore/Heavy Violence/Death

  • Non-consenting/Rape/Sexual Assault

  • Underage characters/minors in sexual situations or presented sexually

Things I like to draw

Topics/ideas I enjoy drawing ~

  • Female or lady shaped characters

  • Curvy full figured characters

  • Pin-ups

  • Femboy type characters

  • Bright colors

  • "soft" muscles

  • cute characters

  • chibi

Things I might draw

  • very defined muscles

  • hyper anatomy

  • guns/artillery

  • detailed armor

  • military outfits

  • highly detailed backgrounds

Topics/ideas I am not very practiced at and take more time ~

Payments & Refunds

  • All payments are either made up front or done on a 50/50 basis, 50% deposit at the beginning of the commission and the remaining 50% upon final approvals.

  • Payments are made via invoice or other direct payment means that I will provide.

  • Full refunds only available if no work has started on the commission. Once work has begun only a partial refund is available, minus the work that has been done (e.g. if the commission was in sketch or ink stages, etc.)

  • I am always willing to work with commissioners who are not satisfied with their work or service and will do my best to make amends as is appropriate to the situation and my ability.


I accept commissions online or at conventions. I accept a limited number for take home from conventions based on first come first served.

I am open to and accept commission inquiries online via email or Google forms at any time and will try to respond to them and accept them if I have availability. Otherwise I will announce commission openings via Twitter.

>> Google Commission Form <<

>> Google Badge Commission Form <<

I attend several conventions throughout the year as well as work on take home and online commissions in between, so I am generally quite busy. Being up front I am a slower artist, so by commissioning me as well you are accepting that your commission may take longer.

It is never my intention to purposefully withhold work from commissioners or anything malicious like that, it is merely that I am trying to get a crazy amount of work done as quickly as possible and get forgetful. This can interfere with my message response rate as well, but I generally try and do most of my correspondence on Mondays, I do not generally check messages on the weekends.

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