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Hey there, thank you for visiting my website!

I'm a Pacific Northwest native and I reside in the greater Seattle area with my loving long-time partner. <3

I have been drawing since a very young age and greatly enjoy drawing females and feminine characters! Pin-ups are one of my favorite things to draw, both cheesecake and beefcake!

I have been a freelance convention artist for over a decade, attending many conventions across the country and in Canada each year. I even had the privilege of being the Guest of Honor for Vancoufur 2015.

I often travel with my "convention wife" MossFox and can almost always be seen at conventions tabling next to her.


I love bubble tea, chocolate chip cookies, and warm fuzzy hoodies. <3

upcoming Conventions

My Character(s)
onna illustration.jpg
Onnanoko or "Onna"

My main character or "fursona"
Original and not based off of any single species, she's more a mix of lots of things I like and has slowly formed into the chub she is today.

More to come!

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